RED Monstro 8K VV - DSMC2 Carbon Fiber 

DSMC2 Base Expander

Interchangeable OLPF System: Standard OLPF, Skintone Highlight OLPF, Low Light Optimized OLPF


Fujinon Cabrio 19-90mm T2.9 Zoom Lens with Servo

Sigma 18-35mm PL, Sigma 50-100mm PL

VV PL Mount


OLED EVF (DSMC2) with Mount Pack (Cable-less or cabled configuration)

7" RED TOUCH LCD monitor (DSMC2) (Cable-less or cabled configuration)

Wooden Camera Trigger Handle

Wooden Camera UVF v2 EVF Mount


2x 512GB Mini-Mag SSD cards

G-Tech Mini-Mag SSD Reader (Thunderbolt, USB 3)


Wooden Camera UMB-1 Mattebox Pro Swing-away, All Inserts, Side Flags, Top Flag

O'Connor O-Focus DM - Cine + Photo Handwheels with Extension, Whip, Speed Crank


O'Connor 1030DS Fluid head

Element Technica 9" Dovetail for 1030 (fixed)

O'Connor 30L Tripod with Mid-level Spreader, Rubber Feet


Wooden Camera Cable-less Gold Mount Module

4x 94wh Pag-link batteries (Gold Mount)

1x Anton Bauer LP-4 Quad Charger


Wooden Camera Premium Shoulder Rig v2


1x RED Quick Release Platforms (Dovetail)

2x 19mm Inserts for Quick Release Platform (Dovetail)

1x 15mm Modular Assault Plate Pack


Wooden Camera A Box

Wooden Camera B Box

Wooden Camera Dovetail Clamp



(4x5.65) Optical Flat Clear

(4x5.65) ND .3

(4x5.65) ND .6

(4x5.65) ND .9

(4x5.65) ND 1.2

(4x5.65) ND 1.5

(4x5.65) ND 1.8

(4x5.65) Grad ND .6 SE


(4x5.65) 750 Tru-Cut IR

138mm Circular Polarizer

138mm +1 Diopter


(4x5.65) Hollywood Black Magic 1/8

(4x5.65) Hollywood Black Magic 1/4